Mushrooms Anonymous has always been well known for the reliable supply of Wild Fungi to Melbourne chefs since 2008 as well as, more recently, to Epping Wholesale market.

We travel far and wide ensuring a nice long season for these precious items. Mushrooms Anonymous sources and collects wild product over three states between March and August each year ending with a furious, often successful, hunt for the elusive Victorian Morel. All fungi finds are personally inspected and identified By Matt Donnelly.


In 2018 Mushrooms Anonymous embarked on ‘The Grow Project’.

As we found ourselves living in The Macedon Ranges – a cool climate area with some of the best soil we’ve ever seen –

We decided to abandon our usual off season antics and we started to talk about adding a summer arm to the business.

The project quickly took flight resulting in the necessity of finding new ground and a larger space which we quickly achieved thanks to our beautiful community.

We now grow chemical free Zucchini Flowers, Heirloom Tomatoes, Padron Peppers, Piquillo and Herbs – delivering these straight into Melbourne 6 days a week from January until March.

Our heirloom varieties are sourced and germinated very carefully, we also germinate for other businesses in our area.

This part of our project continues to grow and is incredibly inspiring to us. With the seedling project we find that the act of encouraging others in the simple process of growing food responsibly, even just a small amount, is just pure joy.

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